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Monday, June 18, 2012

Gold Is Still CHEAP-. Silver Is Even CHEAPER - Eric Muschinski of the Gold Investment Letter

June 18, 2012 ( Mining Newswire) Eric Muschinski, editor of the Gold Investment Letter issues the following commentary for investors following gold and mining stocks. Eric Muschinski has been recommending gold and silver accumulation since 2003 to his clients.
FACT: Gold Is Still CHEAP. Silver Is Even CHEAPER
Eric Muschinski
Millions will be made in gold and silver stocks in the coming years of this bull market. Will you participate and make a killing with our subscribers? My name is Eric Muschinski and I am the editor of the Gold Investment Letter. I welcome you to benefit from our research, contacts, and passion for profiting in the markets NOW. We will guide you to sit tight and buy near bottoms, while staying disciplined by taking profits to protect your principal and ensure maximizing your gains in this volatile gold bull market. I have been recommending to my clients and accumulating gold and silver since 2003. Frankly, the best is yet to come as the bull market enters its inevitable frenzy stage and gold/silver stocks make savvy investors rich (or richer!)!
Let the Gold Investment Letter help you maximize and protect your profits into the frenzy stage of this gold bull market.
Why the Gold Investment Letter? Read our bio here. The Gold Investment Letter will give you unbiased (we do not get paid by the companies we recommend), specific, and actionable recommendations on our favorite picks. We tend to prefer listed stocks that are not heavily promoted and will provide ample liquidity for our subscribers. So, register for our free e-letter, get our top pick, and get to know us at no risk to you! Newswire Subscribe to receive our top junior gold stock pick and bi-weekly updates on the market from " The Nation's Most Trusted Voice for Investment GOLD ."
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The editor of Gold Investment Letter, Eric Muschinski, who has been recommending gold and silver accumulation since 2003 to his clients, is Founder and CEO of Phenom Ventures LLC, President and Co-Founder of Investor Media Inc., and Co-Founder and Managing Member of Diadem Media Group. Eric has over 15 years of diverse experience in the capital markets. Initially as a general securities broker, and later becoming recognized as a specialist assisting the needs of high-net-worth investors, Eric focused his practice on alternative investments, including venture capital, private equity, and alternative investment management, exclusively for accredited investors and institutions.
Prior to Waveland Capital Partners where he worked from 2006-2011, Eric was Vice President and Co-Founder of GunnAllen Venture Partners where he worked with financial advisors to enhance their practice by understanding offerings and incorporating late-stage private equity and venture capital into their client services. Prior to GunnAllen, Eric served in the Private Client Group with McDonald Investments Inc., and another boutique investment bank headquartered in Chicago.
Eric specializes in alternative investment management, gold equities, hedge fund investing, private equity, equity trading/investing, gold/silver investing, business development, lead generation, and raising capital. Eric also educates sophisticated investors on how to invest in hedge funds and gain access and understanding into the burgeoning secondary market of pre-ipo private company investing. Eric studied Business Economics and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater while interning at both Piper Jaffray and Merrill Lynch.
875 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 3100 • Chicago, IL 60611 • See disclaimer at:
Eric Muschinski, Editor
Gold Investment Letter
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